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National Council of Tennis Trains Rwenzori Teachers to Introduce Tennis in Schools.

In a bid to promote sports and enhance physical education in schools, the National Council of Tennis (NCT) has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to train teachers in the Rwenzori region on tennis. The move comes as part of the government’s broader effort to introduce tennis as a structured sports program in schools across the […]

Public Trust in Service Delivery Erodes, Directorate of Ethics Report Reveals.

The report from the Directorate of Ethics has indicated that the members of the public have lost trust in service delivery in the country. The report, based on extensive surveys and assessments, suggests that a growing number of citizens no longer have confidence in the delivery and integrity of various services provided by the government […]

Stop Medicalizing Mental Health, Government Tells Health Workers.

In a significant policy shift aimed at promoting a more holistic approach to mental health, the government has issued directives to healthcare workers, urging them to reduce the medicalization of mental health conditions. This change represents a landmark step toward redefining the way mental health is understood and treated within the healthcare system. The announcement […]

More than 50 youth trained in business enterprise selection in fort portal

More than 50 youth from the districts of Bunyangabu, Kasese,Kabarole and Fort portal have been trained on business enterprise selections in a training that took place at Atako Country Resort in Fort portal Tourism city. The one-day training organized by Kabarole Research and Resource Center aimed at building the capacity of the youth in Business […]